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How the gauges are made

These gauges are based on SVG and paremetrized with PHP.

The SVG design is programmed in a PHP script that produces the resulting SVG image from the passed parameters.

It needs two different type of values: Gauge setting (lowest/highest values, scale, divisions, name of the variable etc) and live weather data used for computation of rotation angles, display numeric values, etc.

The package with the script and the instructions that can be downloaded here.

If you prefer you can just read the instructions here.

NOTE: The actual format of the above gauges is PNG. Even though they are generated in SVG every 5 minutes or so, then they are converted to PNG to avoid display problems with non SVG compatible browers.

Gauge configurator

Here you can configure your gauges and use the resulting function call.

This configurator not only helps you finding the best combination of parameters that fits your needs. It is helpful for a better understanding of the purpose of such paramters.

Please use an SVG compatible browser!

Internal variable name or a number for test
Variable of lo reading or lo number for test
Variable of hi reading or hi number for test
Weather variable namebane
The lowest value displayed on the scale
The highest value displayed on the scale
The unit interval between short divisions of the scale
The number of divisions between two consecutive long divisions
Check to add mid divisions
The starting angle of the scale (0°=12 o'clock . -90°=9 o'clock)
The end angle of the scale (0°=12 o'clock . 90°=3 o'clock)

Function call:

$svg = svgGauge($outsideTemp, $loOutsideTemp, $hiOutsideTemp, 'Temperature', '°C',-10, 50, 1, 10, 1, -150, 150);
image/svg+xml veleta 2013-05-27 Luis Rosety Gil Copyright © 2012 Luis Rosety Gil, License EUPL. Use at your own risk. veleta svg gauge en veleta svg gauge veleta is a PHP script that generates general-purpose, customisable svg gauges and dials Temperature 38 °C -10 0 10 20 30 40 50
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